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The Ageless Beauty Studio Terms & Conditions

Strict quality control measures are applied by the Ageless Beauty Studio  to provide a professional and highest quality service to our customers.

Website Terms & Conditions

The Ageless Beauty Studio website is subject to the following terms and conditions, which by using the web site, anyone viewing the site is deemed to accept.

Terms & Conditions

The Ageless Beauty Studio website is provided as a free service for any consumer to view and use.

Use of it is entirely at the user’s discretion and the Ageless Beauty Studio do not give any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and/or reliability of any content of the website.

The Ageless Beauty Studio does not necessarily have a relationship, commercial or otherwise, with sites which are linked to from the Ageless Beauty Studio.

It is the users responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information obtained from The Ageless Beauty Studio before relying on it.

In no circumstances shall The Ageless Beauty Studio or any of its employees be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any use of the the Ageless Beauty Studio website.

The skin care,microblading and PMU studio provides customers and potential customers with access to a qualified skin therapist and professional PMU aesthetician via an advisory telephone line and email  in the working hours of the Ageless Beauty Studio.

The Ageless Beauty Studio reserve the right to alter any information on this website at any time.