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PMU & Microblading

Do you want to reach your eyebrowgoals and wake up with full brow, but not ready for a permanent tattoo?
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Skin care

Facials are necessary luxuries for our skin. We’ll help your skin to stay in it tip-top position...
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Price list

Facial Treatments

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Microdermabrasion (1-2 Zones)
Microneedling (1-2 Zones)
Chemical Peel (Jessner ,Fruit Acid, etc.)
starting at $90
European Facial
European Face Lift Massage/Facial Detox
Extraction Face Lift Massage/ Facial Detox
Extraction with Dermaplaning Facial
Oxygen treatment
Oxygen treatment Facial with Vitamin-C
Oxygen treatment Facial with Vitamin-C Set of 3
Hydrafacial with Dermaplaning
Hydrafacial with LED
Mini RF
Nanoneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)
Radio Frequency for Body treatment skin laxity
Spa Facial with Dermaplaning
Teen facial with Extraction and LED treatment
Ultrasound/ Detox/ Cleansing facial

Microblading and PMU

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MicroSoft Stroke / Microblading Brows (no touch-up)
3-D Brows Powdered w/hairstrokes
MicroSoft Stroke / Microblading Brows: touch-up
Touch-up for existing customers
Powdered Eyebrows (no touch-up)
Powdered Eyebrows: touch-up
Eyeliner (upper or lower)
Lip liner
Starting at $375