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  “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” ~Richard Whately   It was always my honest belief that I was lucky to be born as an early riser. But not long ago I caught myself telling the story about becoming an early bird and benefiting from it. This story started only when I was 14 and had one of the life-changing encounter. This encounter was white, fluffy and had a wet little nose, that gave me a kiss every day at 4.30 am. It took my cat Ira 15 minutes to get his business done outside and walk like a man of the house back inside. Go back to sleep was not an option for me, as I grow up in the country where the temperature went way below zero. And I would never prioritize my sleep versus my cat’s well-being. By this means, I was not born, I was converted to an early riser to learn to appreciate everything what morning and new day prepared for me. My productivity in the early hours escalated, my breakfast became an exquisite composition of healthy and nutritious ingredients and absence of the exercises became a very rare excuse. As everything good need to be shared, here are five simple ways to become and maintain being and early bird.   1. Reason why These steps can only you lead you to become an early bird, but they won’t make you one. They won’t set up your alarm clock or bring you coffee. It is all you and only you. You need to find a motivation that will drive you to your purpose. There is no difference between having an aim of doing ten pull ups or becoming an early bird. Both need concentration, consistency and time. The human body and mind need 21 days to learn a new habit. Try to do pull ups twenty-one days in a row, and on 22 you will be able to do one. Try to get up early for twenty-one days at 5 am and on 22 you will wake up without alarm. You need to have an aim and reason why you want to do it. So, ask yourself why you want to get up earlier? There are lot literature and online supporting programs, which will help to boost your motivation. Try ‘’Miracle Morning’’ by Hal Elrod. It’s a fast and easy read with a dramatic message and working technique.   2. Use Technology The abundance of new technological products on the market is almost unbelievable. And guess what? Technology for the sleep is not an exception. Today the quality and quantity of sleep can be tracked, controlled, influenced and analyzed to create the results for the best time and conditions. We already trust automatic cars, smart homes and smart speakers. So why not to trust our sleep routine to the professional algorithms developed to make our life easier and sleep more efficient. There is a huge amount of possibilities from wireless-enabled wearable devices to high-end mattresses, from smart light to automatic curtain opener. The easiest one is a regular fitness tracker or an app which will help to regulate daily activity and the amount of sleep you’re getting, I used the fitness tracker to find out about my sleep cycles, amount of time in deep sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) and light sleep. Such a tracker helps you to adjust your activities during the day and night.   3. Make sleep your priority Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being and the "sleep health" remains an essential question throughout our lifespan. Lot of us have forgotten what “being really, truly rested” feels like. How much sleep you need, depend on your lifestyle, work schedules, stress. Except for stress in work, the further matters interfere with your “circadian rhythm”: coffee, alarm clocks, electronic devices, etc. The sleep range of a person from 16 to 64 did not change and remains 7-9 hours. So, if you want to get up at 5 am, make you sure to go to bed punctually. Many of us who got used to fall asleep with a TV drama, or stay awake till the next day starts, will find it very difficult to go to bed already at 10 or 11 pm. The tip that works for me perfectly is an audio book. I’m always looking for something familiar, something I already have read. That way you don’t have to focus on what will happen next and can fall asleep while listening to the story. Bedtime stories worked when I was a kid and they still do. Somewhere deep inside we are still the same kids and like adults to read us before going to bed.   4. It’s all about the Journey, not the Destination Enjoy the process same way you enjoy the result. If you have decided to start to get up early in the morning, it means you are ready for the change; that you’re fed up with yesterday and you are want to make your first step into tomorrow. Try to fill up with joy and happiness every small step that you make. Create a relaxing calming routine in the morning, now you will have time for it. You will learn to find time for everything as long as it will be filled with positivity from your side. While creating the morning routine, don’t forget that evening before going to bed is as important as morning. Try one or more of these steps before falling asleep: ♥  make yourself a good night’s drink. Take your time, enjoy the process of preparing it and afterwards every sip of it. ♥  do light exercises. Stretching is one of the most sufficient to keep your pulse low and at the same time to lengthen your spine and your neck. ♥  take a shower or a bath with salts. Lavender and chamomile will relax tensed muscles and get you ready for a night’s sleep. You can even learn to make your own bath’s salt.   5. More Time for Fun What if you don’t want to get more productive and start a business in the next five months, or maybe you are on 16/8 intermittent fasting and hate the very thought of preparing a breakfast. Does it mean you can’t profit from getting up 30 or even 15 minutes earlier? Of course, you do. What about your home? Are you lucky enough to have a household lady? If not, morning is the best time to do stuff you always put aside. This is something you never have time for and most definitely you hate it, but it still should be done. Why not to spend fifteen minutes in the morning cleaning and making it your home to your temple again. Fifteen minutes a day give you one hour and 45 minutes weekly for the stuff, you have never had time for. This is the time you will spare for yourself in the evening or during the weekend. The clothes are going to be washed, the dishes will be done, and that big paper pile on your desk is finally going to be organized. Maybe it’s not one of the most pleasant activities, but it will help you to spare time for more pleasurable activities with friends and family.   There is no easy way to become an early person. However, once you learn to wake up earlier, you can choose on your own what to do with your extra time. Use the time in the morning to catch up with yourself and welcome the new day with your best mood.  
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You may have heard benefits of the sunscreen, but haven't got in the habit of adding it to your daily skin care program. We prepared some top reasons, why you should make the sunscreen part of your daily skin care routine.   1. Sunscreen protects from skin cancer Skin cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer. About 90 % of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. You can cut the risk up to 50 % by trying not to get a sunburn and remembering  to apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen before going outside. NOTE: When shopping for sunscreen, look for The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, which is awarded to sun protective products that meet stringent criteria for safety and effectiveness.   2. Sunscreen prevents from visible aging Sunscreen keeps your skin looking young while preventing the face from ultraviolet exposure.  The unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging, wrinkling, and discoloration. That way if you're looking for an anti-aging product, the first you need to pay attention on is the SPF, which should be no lower than 30+.   3. Sunscreen helps to prevent brown spots, facial red veins and blotchiness. The signs of aging are not the only results of the ultraviolet exposure. Such unwanted signs such as skin redness, spider veins and even acne an allergy can also be caused by sun over-exposure.   4. Sunscreen makes the skin healthier. The sunscreen often contains ingredients that protect the essential skin proteins (collagen, elastin, keratin). If your skin is dry or sensitive, make sure you reapply a coating every now and then for better safety and freshness of your skin. While choosing your sunscreen make sure it contains following ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.   5. Sunscreen can be used as makeup. BB and CC creams, foundations and powder, lip tints and lip balms and this is only the beginning of the big variety of makeup products containing SPF that can be obtained today. If you are still forgetting your sunscreen cream under your foundation, pay attention to the additional protection of your skin with your makeup products. Starting with December, 1 we are happy to offer a collection of MDSolarSciences sunscreen in our studio and online shop. Ask your esthetician for more information and the type of sunscreen that best suits your skin.

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