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In our private, boutique-style day spa which focuses on therapeutic and preventative non-invasive skin treatments, we strive to provide the top-quality medical spa services. High-quality products are used to intensify the professional services.

In our studio, you can experience complete skin care, spa procedures, professional microblading and permanent make-up to make your face look flawless and your confidence stronger. To see a smile of a satisfied client is our main goal.


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You may have heard benefits of the sunscreen, but haven't got in the habit of adding it to your daily skin care program. We prepared some top reasons, why you should make the sunscreen part of your daily skin care routine.   1. Sunscreen protects from skin cancer Skin cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer. About 90 % of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. You can cut the risk up to 50 % by trying not to get a sunburn and remembering  to apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen before going outside. NOTE: When shopping for sunscreen, look for The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, which is awarded to sun protective products that meet stringent criteria for safety and effectiveness.   2. Sunscreen prevents from visible aging Sunscreen keeps your skin looking young while preventing the face from ultraviolet exposure.  The unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging, wrinkling, and discoloration. That way if you're looking for an anti-aging product, the first you need to pay attention on is the SPF, which should be no lower than 30+.   3. Sunscreen helps to prevent brown spots, facial red veins and blotchiness. The signs of aging are not the only results of the ultraviolet exposure. Such unwanted signs such as skin redness, spider veins and even acne an allergy can also be caused by sun over-exposure.   4. Sunscreen makes the skin healthier. The sunscreen often contains ingredients that protect the essential skin proteins (collagen, elastin, keratin). If your skin is dry or sensitive, make sure you reapply a coating every now and then for better safety and freshness of your skin. While choosing your sunscreen make sure it contains following ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.   5. Sunscreen can be used as makeup. BB and CC creams, foundations and powder, lip tints and lip balms and this is only the beginning of the big variety of makeup products containing SPF that can be obtained today. If you are still forgetting your sunscreen cream under your foundation, pay attention to the additional protection of your skin with your makeup products. Starting with December, 1 we are happy to offer a collection of MDSolarSciences sunscreen in our studio and online shop. Ask your esthetician for more information and the type of sunscreen that best suits your skin.
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Creating moisturizers, creams, peeling or even lipsticks is very similar to cooking. If you like to cook, you will definitely like our easy recipe for your first facial moisturizer. It’s all about mixing, stirring, boiling and cooling it down. And you don’t need a degree in Chemistry to perform it. But remember, the proportions are important! Just follow the next steps to create 100ml (to make 50 ml divide by 2) of the softening facial moisturizer: Prepare small bottle, kitchen scales and a bottle for the moisturizer to cool off in. BASIC LIGHT FACIAL MOISTURIZER RECIPE – 80% WATER WATER PHASE 77.5% water 2-5% humectant of choice( I like organic vegetable glycerine) 0.5% allantoin (0.5% to 2% - it shouldn't have a huge effect in your creations) OIL PHASE 8% oils( Red raspberry seed oil has natural 45 SPF against UVB) 4% emulsifier 2% thickener COOL DOWN PHASE 0.5% to 1% preservative or Rosemary Oil Extract (Rosemary oil extract acts as a natural antioxidant but can impart aroma of your moisturizer, so keep that in mind when using it. As a preservative, add .15 to .5 % of our undiluted Rosemary oil extract to your products) 2% hydrolyzed protein 2% panthenol 0.5% Camomile extract 0.5% Licorice root extract inhibit skin pigmentation Weigh out your water phase in a heat proof container and put into a double boiler. Weigh the container before you heat it so you can figure out how much water you’ve lost during the heating and holding phase. Weigh out your oil phase in a heat proof container and put into your double boiler. When both containers have reached 70 ̊C or 158 ̊F, hold for 20 minutes. Remove your water container and weigh it. Add enough warm water to make the total the amount you found in step 1. Pour the oil phase into the water phase or the water phase into the oil phase, depending upon what your emulsifier suggests. Blend with a hand mixer or stick blender for at least 3 minutes. Repeat this process as often as you would like until the temperature reaches 45 ̊C or 100 ̊F. Let cool to 45 ̊C or 100 ̊F. Add the preservative, hydrolyzed protein, panthenol, extract, and essential oils and mix well with the hand mixer or blender. Let cool. Pour the mixture into a bottle - one with a treatment pump, preferably - and let sit until completely cooled. What's my rationale for each ingredient? Water: Well, that's obvious, but why so much? Facial moisturizers should feel light on our skin, so we need to include a lot of water. You can substitute other liquids for the water amount like aloe vera, witch hazel, hydrosols, and so on. Every moisturizer can be improved by adding some essential oils and scents. The blog about usefulness of different oils for the skin will come soon. Enjoy! All products can be ordered from lotioncrafter